Zamar Biopsy
General info - Precutaneous Drainage

Precutaneous Drainage needles/catheters placement allow to solve many clinical problems like the presence of liquid into the pleural cavity (Thoracentesis) or the ascitical liquid removal (Abdominal Paracenthesis).


Pericardiocentesis set

Set complete of: • Pigtail catheter 8.3F (40 cm) • Dilatator 8.5F (22 cm) • Guide wire 0,89 mm x 80 cm • 3 ways stopcock • Needle 16G x 55 mm • Needle 18G x 80 mm • 60 ml syringe with luer lock hub • Pvc connector tube • 2000 ml drainage bag Available on request: • 10 ml syringe with luer lock hub • Needle 22/25G for anesthetic • Scalpel 11# • Patient towel with a hole

Zamar Biopsy

The procedure described is for guidance only. Each physician must, of course, evaluate the appropriateness of the procedure based on their clinical training and experience and the type of procedure to be performed. The needle must be used only once.

Directions for use

1. Inspect the package for damage and expiration date.

2. Examine the device for signs of damage.

3. Check that the product corresponds to the needle to be used.

4. Prep the patient in the standard and customary way for the procedure to be performed.

5. Remove needle protector

6. Advance the needle and perform the procedure

7. After the needle is removed from the patient, recover the drawed sample and dispose of needle in the proper sharps container.

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