Clinical proven performance

The combined use of Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy in quick succession – from 0° to 45° C – creates a vasoconstriction followed by a vasodilation on the treated area, with the air compression or liquid pulsation you can improve the treatment results.

Faster recovery

Decrease down up to 60% of recovery times. The combination of warm and cold during the sub-acute stage, enables faster reduction of edema and an increase of the elasticity. Each body part is precisely treated through anatomic wraps.

Innovative solutions

Temperature can be set from 0°C to +45°C alternating. Thanks to the touch screen it is possible to utilize the pre-set cycles for varying treatments or create your own protocols, cold and warm cycles.

Non invasive therapy benefits

Indirect analgesic effect, increase of microcirculation at connective level, facilitation of muscle setting, reduction of stiffness connective tissues, inhibitory action on trigger-points, effective vascular exercise, increase of local circulation.

No ice required

The application consist on a transfer of heat and/or cold through insulated hoses and wraps which are secured with elasticated Velcro straps. System is easy to operate and can replace all existing applications for hot/cold packs.


The device has passed all tests prescribed for medical devices, Class IIa, obtaining the approval under the mark "CE Medicale". Therapy is recommended by Mobile Clinic in the World utilized by bikers of World Moto GP and Superbike