Zamar Biopsy
General info - Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration are essential for some hematological diseases. The Bone Marrow Aspiration has been developed in 1935 by W. Dameshek, while only in the year 1958 (McFarland W., Dameshek W.), and later improved in 1971 (K. Jamshidi), a needle was introduced in the market which made the bone marrow biopsy easier: Since then a great use of this technique started. The bone marrow biopsy needle has been improved by a further device invented Dr Vito Burgio in 1992.


Bone Marrow biopsy set with CatchSystem device

Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle with crown needle tip and anatomic handle. It includes the CatchSystem cradle which allows to avoid the defl ection technique procedure. It includes the extraction wire and safety device to get the biopsy core out. Extractable trocar tip stylet.

Zamar Biopsy

This device is designed to be used by a physician. These instructions are not meant to define or suggest any medical or surgical technique. The Indivildual practitioner is responsible for the proper procedure and techniques to be used with this device. For use only for biopsies of bone/bone marrow as determined by a licensed physician. Thes eneedless hould be used by a physician familiar with the possible side effects, typical findings, limitations, Indications and contraindications of bonebiopsy. Physician judgment is required when considering biopsy on patients with bleeding disorder, or receiving anticoagulant medications.

Directions for use

1. Using steryle technique, prepare the skin with antiseptic and drape.

2. Infiltrate the marked area with local anesthetic, especially the periosteum.

3. Make a skin incision with a scalpel blade over the marked area

4. Using gentle, but firm pressure, advance the needle. Rotate the needle In an alternating clockwise-counter clockwise motion. Entrance into the marrow cavity is generally detected by decreased resistance

5. Remove stylet

6. Slowly and gently advance the needle a millimetre at a time, with clockwise -counter cIockwise motion (for better cuttinh) until adequate marrow is obtained.

7. Insert the probe into the cutting cannula to check the sample length in the needle lumen

8. Remove the probe and Insert the CatchSystem fully into the needle cannula

9. Slowly rotate and remove the CatchSytem and cannula together

10. Remove the extraction cannula from the needle cannula and push the specimen out with the probe


For safely and convenience, we Introuced the Anti-Stick. Probe Guide as astandard feature of the ā€œjā€ type Bone Marrow Needle. The purpose of this device is two-fold: provide an easier method to align the probe in the needle tip for sample expulsion and protect the sharp tip to eliminate any accidental injury during sample expulsion. Check If the Inner package is unopened and damaged. In case of damaged Inner package, do not use the product. Check the expiry date and the gauge. Possible allergic reactions should be considered. After use consider it as waste material. Store in a cool and,dry place protect from light. Use of the device Is restricted on lytophysician.Thylene Oxidesterilized. Sterility and integrity guaranteed only if observed the prescribed conditions. It must be used only in hospitals. Sterile - Non pyrogenic ā€“ Disposable Sterile if unopened and undamaged inner packaged.

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