Zamar Biopsy
General info - Histological Biopsy

The first liver biopsy has been performed by Adolf Bingel in the year 1923. Since then, biopsy needles started to be fully developed and in the year 1938. Irving Silverman developed a bifid biopsy needle which is considered the "father" of all current tru-cut type biopsy needles. In 1958. Giorgio Menghini developed a vacuum assisted biopsy needle. Nowdays therapy choice is based according to biopsy results.


Modified Menghini needle for percutaneous biopsy

Stylet with trocar tip connected to the syringe plunger with stopper. Menghini type cutting tip, depth marks on the cannula and depth stopper. Echogenic marker: inner

Zamar Biopsy

Contents ethylene oxide sterilized, sterile in unopened and undamaged package. Non-pyrogenic. Store in a cool and dry place. Protest from light.

Directions for use

1. Penatrate with the HEPAMOD as far as the periphery of the lesion

2. Penetrate into the lesion for about 3 cm.

3. Withdraw the plunger as far as the desired stop.

4. Extract the HEPAMOD and eject the sample by pressing on the piunger stop

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