Zamar Biopsy
General info - Histological Biopsy

The first liver biopsy has been performed by Adolf Bingel in the year 1923. Since then, biopsy needles started to be fully developed and in the year 1938. Irving Silverman developed a bifid biopsy needle which is considered the "father" of all current tru-cut type biopsy needles. In 1958. Giorgio Menghini developed a vacuum assisted biopsy needle. Nowdays therapy choice is based according to biopsy results.


Menghini type semi-automatic biopsy needle

Automatic suction. Trocar tip stylet connected at the syringe plunger. Menghini type cutting needle tip. Depth marks and stopper included. Echogenic marker: inner

Zamar Biopsy
Directions for use

Semiautomatic Hystological biopsy device on soft tissue.Non-pyrogenic. Single use. Do not use this device in case of open or damaged package. Do not expose to high temperature and avoid light exposure.


The procedure is considered only as a help guide. Each physician should evaluate the procedure here described according to its experience and type of need. Is a single use device. Zamar disclaims any liability for reuse of this device.

Biopsy procedure

1. Load the syringe pushing down the piston.

2. Penetrate with the HEPATEK near the periphery of the lesion

3. Press the slut button in order to get vacuum inside the syringe

4. Penetrate into the lesion and rotate the system twice for 360° before extracting the HEPATEK

5. Extract HEPATEK system and then push the piston forward to let tissue specimen coming out

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