Zamar Biopsy
General info - Cytological Biopsy

In 1883., Paul Ehrlich performed the first liver aspiration biopsy. Afterwards the technique has been applied also to other organs to determine the nature of the collected cells (inflammation, infection, tumor). Nowdays the most common cytological needle is "Chiba needle", which has been developed around the year 1966. by Kunio Okuda and his Chiba University assistants to perform a percutaneous cholangiography. The same kind of needle is used to perform prenatal diagnosis procedures.


Quincke type needle

Quincke type needle tip, depth marks on the cannula, depth stopper and Luer Lock hub. Extractable stylet, perfectly coupled with needle tip. Echogenic marker: inner

Zamar Biopsy

The procedure described is for guidance only. Each physican must, of course, evaluate the appropriateness of the procedure based on their clinical training experience and on the type of procedure to be performed. The needle must be used only once. Zamar subtract itself from any responsability in the event the needle is reused more than once.

Directions for use

1. Set the needle depth marker and guide the needle to the lesion.

2. Withdraw the stylet from needle.

3. Perform the biopsy either with a tubing section attached between the spring and the needle or with the syringe joined directly to the needle.

4. Aspirate.

5. Remove the needle from the patient, recover the sample and dispose the needle in a suitable sharps container.

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