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General info - Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration are essential for some hematological diseases. The Bone Marrow Aspiration has been developed in 1935 by W. Dameshek, while only in the year 1958 (McFarland W., Dameshek W.), and later improved in 1971 (K. Jamshidi), a needle was introduced in the market which made the bone marrow biopsy easier: Since then a great use of this technique started. The bone marrow biopsy needle has been improved by a further device invented Dr Vito Burgio in 1992.


Bone Marrow explanation needle

Blunt needle tip, large side holes nearby the needle tip and anatomic handle with Luer Lock connection. Extractable trocar stylet tip.

Zamar Biopsy

The procedure is considered only as a help guide. Each physician should evaluate the procedure here described according to its experience and type of need. Is a single use device. Zamar disclaims any liability for reuse of this device.

Directions for use

1. Lay the patient on the left or right lateral side on the operation table

2. Find the iliac crest

3. Make a local anesthesia and in particular on periosteum

4. Cut 3 mm of patient skin

5. Firmly hold the needle handle and penetrate till the iliac crest

6. With a light pressure moving the needle clockwise and penetrate anti-clockwise

7. You can easily feel when the needle reach the bone cavity because it needs a very soft pressure to enter!

8. Pull the inner stylet out moving the cap “A” anti-clockwise

9. Place the cap “B” on the needle handle to avoid blood leaking

10. Penetrate the bone marrow moving the needle in one direction only, once you have reached the right needle tip position, simply pull the needle out because the special tip conformation will hold a bone marrow core inside. To help you operating on harder tissue you could enter bone marrow and make a tip de ection to detach the bone marrow core!the de ection procedure helps to get the bone marrow sample inside the needle tip. To release the bone marrow sample out of the needle, remove the “B” cover and insert in the needle the stylet “E” pushing it inside till you have got the bone marrow sample out!


to make bone marrow aspiration connect a luerlock syringe to the needle once the needle is already insert in the bone marrow cavity and aspirate before to make the bone marrow biopsy.

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