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General info - Bone Marrow Biopsy

Bone Marrow Biopsy and Aspiration are essential for some hematological diseases. The Bone Marrow Aspiration has been developed in 1935 by W. Dameshek, while only in the year 1958 (McFarland W., Dameshek W.), and later improved in 1971 (K. Jamshidi), a needle was introduced in the market which made the bone marrow biopsy easier: Since then a great use of this technique started. The bone marrow biopsy needle has been improved by a further device invented Dr Vito Burgio in 1992.


Bone marrow aspiration needle

Whistle tip needle, sliding screw depth control device with millimetric scale, anatomic handle with Luer Lock connection. Removable stylet with whistle point perfectly coupled at the cannula tip.

Zamar Biopsy
Directions for use

Bone marrow aspiration device (ITA). Non-pyrogenic. Single use. Do not use this device in case of open or damaged package. Do not expose to high temperature and avoid light exposure.


The procedure is considered only as a help guide. Each physician should evaluate the procedure here described according to its experience and type of need. Is a single use device. Zamar disclaims any liability for reuse of this device.

Directions for bone marrow aspiration

1. The needle protection and set the cannula length by turning the ring. Needle length scale is shown in scale in millimeters.

2. Check stylet mobility removing and lifting the cap and fixing il back in the housing.

3. Perform local anesthesia, if required

4. Firmly grip the needle with the palm and place it on patient’s sternum or iliac crest. Push through the skin and keep on pushing, twisting left and right, till bone marrow cavity is reached at the pre-set needle length.

5. Extract and remove the cap of the stylet. Connect a syringe to the needle luer and aspirate.

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