Zamar Biopsy
General info - Precutaneous Drainage

Precutaneous Drainage needles/catheters placement allow to solve many clinical problems like the presence of liquid into the pleural cavity (Thoracentesis) or the ascitical liquid removal (Abdominal Paracenthesis).


Thoracentesis set

Set complete of: • 3 needle with colour code sizes 14G, 16G, 18G, with Lancet point • 2000 ml. drainage bag with anti-refl ux valve, drainage tap • 3 ways stopcock • 60 ml syringe with Luer Lock hub • PVC connector tube

Zamar Biopsy

The procedure is considered only as a help guide. Each physician should evaluate the procedure here described according to its experience and type of need. Is a single use device. Zamar disclaims any liability for reuse of this device.

Directions for use

1. Connect bag, extension line, 3-way stopcock, syringe and the requested needle together (the needle must be the requested diameter among the available).

2. Skin local anesthesia where request.

3. Enter the skin with, the needle, few centimeters lower the liquid to be drained out the lung.

4. Set the stopcock in a position where the syringe suction is possible for the diagnostic sampling, use the syringe to drain out the liquid by the pleura cavity and then set the stopcock connecting syringe and drainage bag to empty the syringe. Repeat the procedure if requested.

5. Before to start the procedure, to fix the needle avoiding unexpected misplacement is suggested.

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