Zamar Device

CE Class IIa medical device

Provides accurate temperature control and stability

Delivers computer-controlled temperature exchange

Zamar Protocols

Athlets Care - Acute care and chronic pain management

Injury Care - Acute, subacute care and rehabilitation

Recovery Care - Recovery following intensive training or competition

Zamar Wraps

Direct point of contact with patient skin

Single-patient use for safety and hygiene

Comfortable for long use

Optimized for consistent temperature exchange

Where is used?

Physio centers - Injury and recovery care

Sport centers - After work recovery

Home Care - Wellbeing and injury prevention

What is ZAMAR Therapy

ZAMAR Therapy is a system designed to accelerate and improve recovery for patients following an intensive work or trauma. Each complete therapy treatment consists of a series of cold and hot therapy sessions depend on type of body.

Why Use the Zamar Therapy

Clinical benefits: Significantly reduces swelling and pain and promotes faster recovery of mobility

Is useful in cases where acute inflammatory states occur resulting from any type of injury.